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Dec 7, 2018

Daniel.  Jack.  Commentary track.  Orson.  Oja.  Gloriousness.

Dec 3, 2018

Wrong With Authority resurrects 'Consider the Ray Gun', the strand of Oi! Spaceman in which Daniel chatted with a guest about a book, usually classic SF. 

Here are the previous episodes, by the way.

And this is the triumphant return, featuring Daniel in conversation with Kit about Ender's Game, which they manage to find fresh angles on despite it being one of the most discussed books on the internet.

Nov 12, 2018

The next bit.  It's three hours long.  Kit is very drunk.

Show notes: Institutional forces against fascism. "Violent extremism." Climate refugees. Jack Graham has radicalized Daniel. The British Empire and 9/11. The neoliberalism to fascism pipeline. Alex Jones joins the 'cast. The deep state. Dumbest online political pundit. Chrissy Tiegen dunks on Jacob Wohl. Jack's Ben Shapiro impersonation. The appeal of Jordan Peterson. Interrupted by the dog. Sargon Sargon Sargon. Right wing safe space. Nine-eleven. Gore conterfactuals. Catalysts. Neoconservatives and paleoconservatives. Libertarianism as blind alley. Hayek versus Rothbard. Precarity and capitalism and intersectionality. Ideological incoherence in voting. Hashtag Resistance Twitter and Jeff Sessions. Sarah Palin. Misogyny is fundamental. Do we have hate-listeners? The alterea Acosta video. Rescuing "doublethink." Ideologically convenient hallucination. Sarah Huckabee Sanders retweets Infowars. Conspiracy theorists. Preparing for climate change. Nationalist Trump. The alt-right and the word "racist." Bell Curve Cliff Notes. Intellectual honesty among Nazis. "Pioneer something." Ideologically acceptable propaganda. Shoving a dildo up one's ass to own the libs. "Peak Daniel achieved." Electoral minority. Ballot initiatives and direct action. "Do we want to talk about Bernie?" Doughnut theory. The need for a robust liberal press. The media doesn't understand the internet. Not real capitalism. Capitalism and environmentalism. The Luxury of Cynicism. Satire is useless. Worker's movements with long-term perspective. Adorable little Nazis. PJW and the Lee Harvey Oswald metaphor. Robert Bowers. UK versus US fascism. Reaction. The need for left theory. Jack and Kit talk British political history. The problematic Daily Show. An abrupt ending.

Christine Tiegen owns Jacob Wohl:

Vic Berger IV threatened by Proud Boy:

Nov 11, 2018

Daniel, Kit, James, and Jack unite for a third in their sporadic 'Trumpism' series, in which the hellish alternate reality we seem to be living in is the main point of discussion. 

This is but Part One of a huge sprawling talkfest notionally focused on the recent mid-term elections.  We hope you find it as cathartic as we did.

Show notes: Introductions. Recounts. Results. Democratic Establishment. Hope a difficult word. Generational divide. Speaker Pelosi? Middle ground. Existential threat. The utility of subpoena power. Pushing against norms. The Senate will kill us all. Popular votes. Electoral reform. Constantly counting votes in Florida. Voting rights for felons. Obstructionism. Daniel the Radical Centrist. Hating Hillary Clinton for the wrong reasons. Suburban voters. Voting and yelling. Queues as voter suppression. Ronald McDonald, ballot official. A podcast dedication. Tucker Carlson terror attack. Disappearing Caravan. Tucker Carlson drinking game. Hannity versus Carlson. Wernher Von Braun. Talking points as apologetics. Beto versus Raphael. Disorienting media. Beto's name. James O'Keefe or George Soros? Gish galloping the news. Difference and continuity. Tonnage in Afghanistan. Obama and deportation. Mollie Tibbets. Polling categories. A cliffhanger on the Jim Acosta "assault."

Oct 26, 2018

Yet another strand of WWA launches.  This time it's Carter Before the Horse.  It's basically just Consider the Reagan but earlier. 

In this inaugural edition, James, Kit, and Jack watch Kubrick's The Shining, and say things about it.

Beware Triggers, because we talk about the film's themes, and they're not pretty.

Oct 19, 2018

Jack and Daniel.  'The Lodger' and 'Closing Time'.  Commentaries.  Deal with it.

Jul 4, 2018

Making good on Jack's many threats, the WWA Team tackle Roland Emmerich's infamous and fatuous 'Anonymous' (2011).

Jun 3, 2018

The top men of Wrong With Authority (James, Kit, and Daniel) consider the classic Spielberg/Lucas/Ford Reagan-era pastiche/adventurefest which introduced the iconic, failure-prone, whip-wielding, treasure-hunting, snake-hating, Nazi-slaughtering, ambivalent-about-Arabs, and possibly-guilty-of-statutary-rape Dr Indiana Jones, rollicking around in a universe in which all myths seem to be simultaneously true.  Close your eyes and let the wrath of Yahweh engulf your enemies as you enter the Podcast of Souls...  And I'm bored now.  But you won't be if you listen to this episode.

May 28, 2018

Daniel the barefoot American must battle a team of evil eurotrash inside a gigantic phallic symbol.  Don'tcha just hate it when that happens?

Mar 11, 2018

Time to listen to us get medieval on Braveheart's ass.


Feb 28, 2018

Kit, Daniel, and Jack get fired from their cushy academic jobs and have to try to make it in the private sector with a bold new business concept, but end up having a spot of bother with the EPA.

Feb 14, 2018

Wrong With Authority returns, with a James-hosted episode about Scorsese's Gangs of New York (2002).  This is a good one.

Feb 12, 2018

Daniel and Jack do a commentary on original Blade Runner (1982) and then chat a bit about the recent sequel.

Show notes: Main Topic: Blade Runner. With Jack Graham and Daniel Harper. Introductions and the obligatory Trump reference. Our histories with the film. Commentary begins at 10:23. Distinctive logo. Ridley Scott: complete bastard. Odd names. Daniel makes an Asimov reference. The plusses and minuses of opening crawls. Industrial sublime. Skipping the Voight-Kampf. Not the brightest Nexus-6, not the brightest Blade Runner. Dick joke. William Gibson. Japanification. 80s special effects. Racial slur. Noir voiceover. The Six Deadly Words. Tortured fan. Non-developed characters. Replicant personalities. Chemistry. A no-Deckard Blade Runner. Novel vs film and ethical philosophy vs cardboard characterization. Visually influential. Retro-futurism. Kipple. Freezing. Delicate Rutger. Frank Lloyd Wright? Impenetrable apartment. "These must be people!" Leaning into cliches. Daryl Hannah. Pris and JF. Deckard's photos. Huge in university. Tick-tick-tick-tick-tick. Ethnic stereotypes. Phone booths and phone calls. Implied sex show. Biblical metaphor. An actual detective. Diana Cassidy's performance. Streetwear. Outmatched in combat. Quiet. Used future in Our World. Jupiter orbit. Fashion choices. Gaff. Limp-wristed slap. Booze and relationships. Ford's star power turned on low. Assault. Reverse Mirror. Broken biology. Another more interesting story. Human images. Oversignified chess. Owls. Tyrell the CEO. Father fucker. Science is real. Gore. Bradbury. Pointless sequences. Ineffective police. Clever Pris. Shoe leather. Worse ways to die. Life force leaving the body. Twenty-three minutes of climax. Why is Deckard doing this? Psychopathic Roy. Human or boogeyman? Growth at the end. Leonine. Sky. Watch him die. Is Gaff a replicant? What are the stakes? Critical. Broken aesthetics. Happy endings. Wrapping Up, and moving on to 2049 at 2:07:50. Some ambition. Clever Force Awakens. Describing the plot. Evil Blind Genius Things. Relations between replicants and holograms. Interrupted by a dog. Narrative. Joi/K/Mariette love scene. Sexualized subservient images. Heuristic. Open relationship problems. Iron Man moment. Bond villain Jared Leto. Old Deckard. Lived history. Off-topic onto JJ Abrams. Underwhelming. A second Asimov reference. Wrapping Up.

Jan 3, 2018

The Wrong with Authority boys discuss Stanley Kramer's 1960 drama loosely based on the famous Scopes Monkey Trial.